Dry Creek Bed Project # 1

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I dug my trench about 5" deep and used leftover liner. Used a level to make sure both sides were level, and that the downhill slope was kept consistent from the top to the bottom of the dry bed.

Added some trim to help keep things in place, if only temporarily. Plan to replace it with rocks eventually, and add a garden area on both sides.

Covered the sides of the dry bed with high quality landscape fabric. Covered with rock, ran out and will have to get more. Filled in the old "washed out" area with dirt and covered it with mulch.
More to come!

Next Day's Work on Project

Time for some planning. Decided to create some uniformity by continuing the willow edging to the boardwalk, and taking out the sod, bringing the garden to the boardwalk.

I'm going to continue the curve of the fence to meet up with the bottom of the dry bed. Will remove all the sod (ugh), and add a stone path at the top of the hill. Planning to build a bridge over the creek bed to cover up the downspouts, and create a place to cross.

Just another view of the added garden space.
More to come!

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