Central Iowa Tour of Water Gardens
July 19, 2003

Sponsored by the Story County Master Gardeners Association
and Central Iowa Water Garden Association
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Location # 1
This professionally built water garden is located at the hotel at Gateway Center in Ames, IA.

Residence #2

Constructed in the Spring 2000 -- 2500 Gallons.

Residence # 3 -- This was my favorite of the tour.

Three water gardens surrounded by numerous perennial gardens. First water garden is 3000 gallons, second water garden includes a 3-tier fountain, and a new small pond was added to the front yard. This yard was landscaped very nicely.

Residence # 4
Built in 2000. Pond flows under a walkway to the entrance of the home. All the stones are from local areas.
There is a dry lakebed that is used as an overflow.

Residence # 5
This was a nice pond.....but forget the pond, I just loved the property! LOL. Check out the 65 steps leading down the hillside to the river, across one section, up to a treehouse, and then to the river's edge. Wow!

Residence # 6

Residence # 8
This was a literal jungle of a property! Every inch of the yard was covered in tropicals, perennials, everything you can think of. Couldn't get a good pic of the pond, it was well hidden by all the plantings. Very little mowing here!

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